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Harvard works because we do! The Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers is 4600+ Harvard employees of diverse ages, backgrounds, talents, and opinions. It was voted in on May 17th, 1988 and is now a strong, innovative local union affiliated with AFSCME, a national union representing mostly public employees. Most overtime-eligible (‘non-exempt’) Harvard Staff who are not part of one of the service worker or specialized trade unions are included in our bargaining unit and are eligible to become Union members.

As many of you know, the University implemented changes in the health plans for non-union Harvard employees as of January 1, 2015.  Although the health plan changes are not taking effect for HUCTW members, our Union has expressed concern, in open letters to members and friends and in a Harvard Crimson op-ed article, that these changes move the University’s health care program in the wrong direction.
As the revised plans take effect for thousands of non-union employees, many in the Harvard community are working to understand their impact.  To keep up with the evolving situation and to help our members and friends on campus think about the changes, HUCTW will be posting up-to-date materials on our website.

The web page, “Health Care at Harvard,” features resources and links to help members and friends engage in the campus conversation about health care.  Items already on the page include:

  • Newspaper articles and opinion pieces about the University’s 2015 health plan changes for non-union staff
  • A video recording of the HUCTW-sponsored panel discussion, “Healthy Employees, Healthy Institutions:  Reducing Health Care Costs for Everyone,” from November 19, 2014
  • Printable posters and digital images that you can post in workspaces and common areas to express concern about Harvard’s health plan changes
  • Links to broader media discussion on the effects of increased patient cost-sharing in the US health care system

We hope you will find these materials interesting and useful. And, as always, you can contact HUCTW with any ideas or questions at huctw.info@huctw.org or 617-661-8289. 

Poster with Bios of Panel Presenters
Map of Science Center Area
M2 Shuttle Schedule for Longwood Attendees

The following open letter, sent to all members on April 14, 2014, is on update on some positive developments for HUCTW, including the following news:

  • Dumbarton Oaks Staff in Washington, DC, Vote to Join HUCTW
  • Arbitrator Decides Grade 56 Grants Managers are in HUCTW
  • Progress on the Medex Reitree Heatlh Care Plan Fact-Finding Process
  • Pay Increase for HUCTW Members: October 1, 2014

In April 2013, HUCTW and Harvard reached an Agreement for July 1, 2012 though October 15, 2015, bringing our protracted and difficult 2012 contract negotiations to a successful close.



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